Relationship with Frank Lucchese Edit

Frank Lucchese was secretly approached by Riley Quinn, his old childhood friend from back in Athens, while Frank was serving life in prison. Riley had discovered that the arrest warrant that had led to Frank’s imprisonment was based on information that had been obtained illegally. Under the “Fruit of the Poison Tree” rule, all evidence that came from that warrant was inadmissible in court, but the cops had covered up the evidence to ensure Lucchese went to prison for the rest of his life.

Riley proposed that if he provided the proof to Lucchese’s lawyer, then Lucchese could act as a unofficial weapon of Riley’s – doing things to criminals that official channels wouldn’t allow while providing valuable intelligence. The arrangement was mutually beneficial and based on trust between the two childhood friends. If Lucchese is arrested, Riley loses his unofficial power in Chicago and potentially his role in setting Lucchese free would come out. Likewise, Riley provides Frank with a degree of police protection, an invaluable asset in Franks world, as well as his freedom. Frank agreed and served 4 years of a multiple life sentence.