Rachel Hall
Rachel Hall

Full Name

Rachel Louise Hall




CBI/Syndicate Industries


CBI Level 2/Autumn Mantle 1/Industry 1

Job Title

Field Investigation Agent

Years of Service



No information

Other Work

Totaled over 17 Syndicate Hummers in a row

Known Associates

Carrie White/Jake Proud/Riley Quinn/Lauren Richards

Criminal History

No information

A long time worker at the CBI, Rachel Louise Hall prides herself on her attention to detail and driving skills, and her uncanny ability to be at a crime scene just at the right time.

During her service she has totaled over 17 Syndicate Humvees, a record which nobody dares challenge.

Rachel is a Changeling, (Dancer / Fairest ) in the Autumn Court coming back through the hedge from Arcadia met her best friend Lauren Richards (currently working at Syndicate Industries). She mostly keeps herself to herself, burying herself into cases at work with little contact with the outside world, always walking around with her long tan trench coat and matching hat on. Naturally only 5"3' she is always in heels to keep her more on a sight line with everyone else in the office, even if rarely making eye contact apart from for the occasional sarcastic comment.

Easiest person on the force to please for the morning, afternoon, mid afternoon, lunch, after lunch and home time doughnut round opting for the simple no frills plain, however the wrath of hell be upon the new guy who gets it wrong.