Dr Elizabeth Nash
Elizabeth Nash

Full Name

Dr Elizabeth Laura Nash PhD.






CBI Level 2 (Civilian)

Job Title

Consultant Psychologist

Years of Service




Other Work

Volunteers at a Health Clinic.

Known Associates

Alexander Mahone

Criminal Record


"I don't think they could put him in a mental hospital. On the other hand, if he were already in, I don't think they'd let him out."

Personal Life Edit

Born to a wealthy family, Elizabeth attended Columbia University with Alexander Mahone. After she graduated with honours she stayed on and studied for her masters before earning her Ph.D in Clinical Psychology.

Professional Life Edit

After receiving her Doctorate from Columbia, Elizabeth recieved a call from Alexander with a job offer. After passing the bar exam, Alex no longer was able to offer the CBI his services as a consultant. Captain Brigante recognised the benefit of having a psychologist on the CBI Payroll, so he created the permenant post for a full-time Civilian Psychologist Consultant. Alexander recommended Elizabeth for the role. In addition to advising on criminals, Dr Nash offers confidential therapy to police for the traumas of the job. Though due in part to this service not being readily available before, and the cultural stigma of mental health issues in the force, she hasnt had much success so far, but she hopes to change that within CBI.