Carrie White
Carrie white

Full Name

Carrie Margret Elaine White




CBI/Chicago City Council


CBI Level 2/Mages (Government) Level 1

Job Title

Field Investigation Agent

Years of Service




Other Work

Nominated "The Weird Freaky One" in CBI 4 years in a row.

Known Associates

Alex Mahone/Riley Quinn/Jake Proud/Rachel Hall

Criminal Record


Personal Life Edit

Carrie Margret Elaine White was born in Michael Reese Hospital Friday April 13th 1980.

Only child to Harry White (4th Form Teacher) and Margret White (Doctor at Michael Reese).

Grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, stayed in the family home throughout school. She moved into her first apartment with Alexander Mahone during college where she studied criminal psychology. Joined the force immediately after granduating.

Hobbies included geneology until she discovered that her maternal great great grandmother had in fact been an illegal immigrant from Spain.

Professional Life Edit

Graduated from the MPD training academy, firmly in the middle of her class.

Promotions slow in coming as she constantly puts in only the minimum effort required.

Promoted to the Unit when she broke the case of a drug ring. She found the stash though she still can't explain how she found it ("It just felt like it was there").

After stealing a Vampire Weapon for Alex Mahone (Episode Two), Mahone offered her a position within the The Free Council, a secretive group of mages that had taken control of the chicago government at all levels. He had been recruited two days earlier and was allowed to Awaken one other. After proving her worth Carrie was selected and Alex performed the cermony, unlocking the full capacity of her brain and awakening powers within.

Apperance Edit

She is 5'8 tall and slim build. She exercises regulary and takes great pains to maintain a healthy diet. Often she is seen with dark rings under her eyes from lack of sleep.

Carrie maintains a professional wardrobe of trouser suits and wedge heels for work. Her shoulder length hair is dyed black and often pulled into a pony tail. She has exceedingly dark brown eyes and when left in the suns tans beautifully (She hates this and wears maximum sunblock all year which gives her a distinct coconut smell).

When not on duty she wears an eclectic mix of materials and goth styles, all of which black is the predominant color.